According to the senior US general, an assault by China on Taiwan is not imminent, but the US is monitoring “extremely carefully.”

Gen Mark Milley that China is obviously capable of attacking at some time, but opting to do so would be a political decision.

According to China, Taiwan is a province that broke away from the mainland and must be reunited with it, even if it means using force.

It has accused the United States of promoting Taiwanese independence and pledged to “resolutely smash” any effort at independence on this basis.

The tensions between China and the United States, Taiwan’s most important ally, have lately risen dramatically.

The United States and China have both been flying airplanes into Taiwan’s airspace.

And both countries have dispatched navy ships into Taiwan’s territorial seas..

After China flew its jets near to Taiwan in May, US Vice President Joe Biden claimed the country was “flirting with danger.”

Beijing responded by accusing the United States of betraying “the pledge on Taiwan,” “interfering in China’s affairs,” and “fighting” to prevent Taiwan from legally declaring independence.

In the event of an assault, he swore to defend the island militarily.

The terms “could,” “should,” and “would” are critical here.

“I believe that China is certainly advancing its capabilities. When President Xi Jinping spoke in public.

He pushed the People’s Liberation Army to build the potential to invade Taiwan at some point in the future, as he has done in speeches.

A decision will be made

A policy decision will be made based on how the Chinese assess the cost-benefit equation.

At any given point in time, not on whether they will do it or not.

“At this moment, there are no indicators or warnings of any impending danger.

But once again, we’re keeping a careful eye on it “Gen. Milley came on board to round out the team.

Despite the fact that the United States has no formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

The Taiwan Relations Act mandates that the US provide Taiwan with the ability to defend itself.

Even though maintaining diplomatic relations with China, it recognizes that there is only one Chinese government.

To China, waging war is expensive.
China’s invasion of Taiwan is one key cause for concern since it might set off a world war.

Chinese officials have already said that if necessary, they are prepared to use military action to retake the island.

Most experts, on the other hand, believe that this is not likely to happen any time soon.

Whether China has the potential to successfully invade Taiwan has been a subject of discussion.

And Taiwan has been building up its air and sea defenses.

Many, however, believe that Beijing is aware that such an action would be prohibitively expensive and terrible for the globe as a whole.

When confronted with a provocation, China’s posture has always been one of “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan.

The official declaration of independence by Taiwan would probably be one of the triggers.

However, despite her insistence that Taiwan is already a sovereign state, President Tsai Ing-wen has steadfastly avoided this.

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