For beating a lady with dementia and during an arrest in June 2020, a former Colorado police officer was resentenced to five years in prison.
During the arrest by police Austin Hopp, Karen Garner, then 73, suffered a fractured arm, sprained wrist, and shoulder injuries.
Later video shows police officers smiling while reviewing the incident footage.
In March, Hopp pled guilty to assault charges.
With that plea, the former cop avoided a possible term of 10 to 30 years if he had been convicted after a trial.
Hopp again and another officer, Daria Jalali, were charged after responding to a shoplifting report at a Walmart in Loveland, approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) north of Denver.
Ms Garner was accused of stealing products worth $14 and without paying for them. Staff workers stopped Ms Garner to retrieve the products, which included soda cans and laundry detergent, according to surveillance footage from the store.
Body camera video shows cops approaching Ms Garner as she headed home.
Hopp grabs her and throws her to the ground when she refuses to comply only with police commands to halt. Her arm is pressed on her shoulder blades.
Officers in the booking section of the police station were subsequently seen on tape ridiculing Ms Garner while reviewing body camera footage of the event and laughing at the loud “pop” heard when her shoulder was dislocated.
Despite Hopp, Ms Jalali, and other officers conceding that Ms Garner may have been hurt during the arrest, she received no medical assistance for many hours while in custody.
Loveland declared in September that it will compensate Ms Garner with $3 million . Her family claims that the event made her health worse.
Following an inquiry, both policemen resigned. Ms. Jalali is accused of failure to report excessive use of force, failing to act when excessive force was used, and official misconduct. According to local media, her case is still pending.
On Thursday, Hopp apologised to the Garner family and claimed he made “a horrible error”.
Ms Garner’s family objected to Hopp’s plea offer, claiming that more cops should have been prosecuted, including one who was seen viewing the footage.
“It was sent up the line of command, along with movies that were seen at different levels. And nobody intervened “Last year, family attorney Sarah Schielke.

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