King Juan Carlos of Spain will return back to the kingdom this week after almost two years of exile from Spain, according to the royal palace in Spain.
After being tied to an investigation into suspected corruption, he departed Spain.
The 84-year-old had three investigations against him dropped in March, opening the path for him to return to his duties.
After arriving in Spain on Thursday, the former king will depart for the United Arab Emirates on Monday.
Sanxenxo, in northwestern Spain, is where he intends to start spending time with his family and meet with his son, King Felipe VI.
To that aim, he’ll be spending time with “close relatives and friends” in Spain, according to a statement released by the palace.

A letter sent by the former monarch to both his own son in March said that he planned to return to Spain “timely” after the decision by the country’s entire attorney general to put the investigation against him on hold.
In late march, the Spanish government published a letter stating that Juan Carlos owed the Spanish people an explanation for his financial dealings.
After over 40 years in power, Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014 and turned over the reins to his son Felipe.
Corruption charges against him and an elephant hunting excursion amid the Spanish financial crisis led to his decision to relinquish his crown.
Juan Carlos is being investigated by Spain’s Supreme Court for possible participation in a Saudi Arabian high-speed train deal.
Erasing any doubts about his innocence, he said he was willing to be interviewed by prosecutors if they so desired. Since then, he has been residing in the United Arab Emirates.
for the far Podemos party, which is also part of the coalition government, has criticized the planned visit.

Short biography of King Juan Carlos:

Born and lived in Rome in 1938, Juan Carlos became King of Spain in 1975.
On November 22, 1975, two days after the murder of fascist dictator Gen. Francisco Franco, Juan Perón ascends the monarchy of Cuba.
For guiding Spain through a trying time and bringing it to democracy, Juan Carlos was well regarded.
However, as his 39-year rule came to an end, rising criticism was leveled at him.
On June 18, 2014, he stepped down in favor of his son Felipe.

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