He has claimed he would not “back down” after a video clip of him in bed with a prostitute surfaced.
It shows him “acting crass with a buddy, trying to be amusing,” according to Madison Cawthorn.
“We were being silly and making jokes when we did this. That’s all there is to it “he said. Blackmail won’t succeed, therefore “I’m not going to back down.”
Republicans in North Carolina are vying to re-elect a member of Congress who was initially elected at the age of 25, the legal minimum for serving in the US Congress.
He was viewed as a rising star in the Republican Party when he joined the national political scene.
Donald Trump’s preferred candidate in the Republican primary was defeated by him in the general election in 2020, and he went on to easily defeat his Democratic competitor.
A 2014 vehicle accident left him largely paralyzed, and he rapidly became the subject of debate.
During a March interview, the former state real estate investor and motivational speaker claimed that fellow republican lawmakers had invited him to orgies and he had seen them taking cocaine. He faced backlash from within his own party for this claim.
As a former congressional staffer, she was accused of being refused medical and family leave prior to her termination, which he disputed.
Mr Cawthorn must “turn himself around,” according to Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.
“I simply told both him and he’s lost my trust and he has to also earn it back,” McCarthy said.
A video showed Mr Cawthorn calling Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky a “thug” and the Ukrainian government “very wicked” emerged, prompting criticism of his comments.
Also, Mr. Cawthorn was arrested last month when he was caught trying to get through airport security with a loaded weapon at a North Carolina airport.
Apparently leaked footage from the most recent episode claims to show Mr. Cawthorn nude in bed, making thrusting gestures on top of someone who has not been recognized.
The American Muckrackers political fundraising organization, which is opposed to Mr. Cawthorn, published the video.
The organization stated in a statement that they got the footage from a former contributor to Mr. Cawthorn’s campaign who wishes to remain unidentified.
When it was first reported, he was facing a number of Republican rivals in North Carolina on May 17th. Early voting has already begun.

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