Within the next eight years, the Alpine team hopes to find a female Formula 1 driver that is competitive.

F1 teams and the corporation as a whole are working together to “debunk the stereotypes” about women in Formula One.

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi described Formula One as “exacting” and requiring “unique competencies and competences.”

According to him, “there is no way that women can’t do it.”

Alpine’s program will provide equal opportunity for advancement in motorsports to F1 for both boys and girls as soon as 10.

“It’s a long road – an eight-year program that begins now,” Rossi said.

Adding that the first four or five girls selected will begin go-karting “in the next few weeks.” Rossi.

In collaboration with academic institutions like as the Paris Brain Institute, the firm is establishing research programs aimed at completely comprehending.

The physical, cognitive, and emotional needs of an F1 driver.

Something more

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, two current Alpine F1 drivers, will be put through physiological and psychological exams to demonstrate the needed attributes.

In order to better serve the requirements of aspiring drivers, the outcomes of these research will be included into the curriculum.

Rossi commented: “”Women are not competent physically,” “Women cannot do this,” “Women should not do this,” “There are no role models,” and “Women are not capable biologically, cognitively,” are just some of the fallacies we refute.

“When it comes down to it: “Let’s take everything from beginning to end and make sure we create the route, just as we did it for men.

” It is my belief that by doing so, more women will achieve their goals.”
There has been a dearth of support for female drivers before, according to Rossi.

“That’s why it never occurred,” he continued, “because they never had the right training.

Atmosphere, backing from the regulating authorities – possibly, stakeholders.”

“You have women piloting fighter jets, women flying rockets, and women becoming astronauts.

They are able to resist a great deal of physical and mental stress; they are very strong.

Formula 1 cars could be driven by them, I’m sure of it.

“It’s a simple question of creating the ideal conditions.

Prejudice and attitude shifts are also part of the process of making it more accessible.

“In the current state of affairs, I would estimate that 99 percent of women don’t believe they can get there.

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