Several individuals are still trapped or missing after a building collapsed in Changsha, a city in China’s south-eastern province of Hunan.
The owner of the building and three other people involved in its construction were all taken into custody, according to the police.
Five more people have been indicted on suspicion of fabricating a building safety report, which is said to be the cause of Friday’s collapse.
Authorities have yet to determine what caused the catastrophe.
A search and inquiry into the Wangcheng District collapse were ordered by President Xi Jinping on Saturday.
Mayor Zheng Jianxin of Changsha says six people have been rescued, but many more remain trapped or unaccounted for.
The six-story complex had a theater, a hotel, and a lot of apartments.
Rescue attempts are being impeded by a lack of room for heavy gear to remove debris, according to a local fire officer who spoke to state channel CGTN.
Those who spoke to the media claimed there was a possibility that neighbouring buildings damaged by the incident may fall.
Several building collapses in China have been caused by weak safety and construction regulations, as well as corruption among local authorities.
At least 16 people were killed earlier this year when a building in Chongquing was brought down by an explosion caused by a suspected gas leak.

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