Amid an energy crisis, Australia’s energy minister has advised residents of New South Wales, the state that encompasses the nation’s largest metropolis, Sydney, to turn off their lights.

Chris Bowen recommends that individuals refrain from using power for two hours each night if they “have a choice.”

It’s possible to prevent blackouts, according to him.

The action taken in response to the suspension of Australia’s principal wholesale electricity market due to rising costs.

Mr. Bowen urged New South Wales residents to preserve as much electricity as possible.

According to Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

“If you have an option about running particular things, don’t broadcast them from 6 to 8 [in the evening].”
Australia has had a power shortfall since last month despite being a big coal and LNG provider. Over 75% of the nation’s electricity comes from coal. It’s criticized for underinvesting in renewable energy.

Outages at multiple coal-fired power facilities, together with rising global energy costs, have all been felt recently in Australia.
As a result of flooding in New South Wales and Queensland, several coal mines have been affected.

Аs well as two that feed the market’s largest New South Wales coal-fired power plant.

Outages and planned maintenance have taken a large chunk out of Australia’s coal-fired power generation capacity.

Because of the sanctions imposed on Russia as a result of its invasion of Ukraine, worldwide coal and gas prices have increased for certain electrical producers.

More about the situation in Australia

In addition, the cold snap and the opening of the Australian economy have increased the energy demand.

Power prices have soared past the A$300 (£173; $210) per megawatt-hour price ceiling imposed by the Australian Energy Market Operator (AMEMO), the market’s regulator (Aemo).

Many generators, however, felt that the limit was too low, therefore they opted to withhold capacity.
Aemo also said on Wednesday that it would suspend the market and set prices directly, compensating generators for the deficit. This was an unusual move.

It also requested New South Wales residents to “temporarily decrease their energy use.”.

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