It’s a “poison flowing through our body politics,” Joe Biden said in Buffalo, New York, on Monday.
On Saturday, a racially motivated attack on a downtown grocery claimed the lives of ten African-Americans.
In a manifesto uploaded online, the 18-year-old suspect defined himself as a white nationalist and a fascist.
On Tuesday, Vice President Biden referred to the young guy as a member of a “hateful minority.”
Mr. Trump praised the victims’ “lives of love, service and community that speak to the larger tale of who we are as Americans” after visiting with family affected by the tragedy.
White supremacy will not prevail, he said.

The suspected assailant is said to have driven more than 320 kilometers (200 miles) in order to target an area with a large concentration of black residents. Investigators said that if he hadn’t been stopped, he would have proceeded to attack other sites.
White genocide and white replacement conspiracy theories were used in his so-called manifesto to justify his hostility against minorities.
A “hateful, perverted worldview steeped on fear and prejudice” motivated the gunman, according to the president, who blamed him for the attack.
“Hate and fear have been given too much air by folks who purport to love America but do not understand America,” Mr Biden added.

“We must reject the falsehood and denounce those who disseminate it for political and financial advantage, and I urge on all Americans to do the same.” We have no choice but to speak out.”
On the issue of gun regulation, he also encouraged Congress to do more to address the issue.
He was accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden, New York Democrats in the Senate and other high-ranking officials on Tuesday.
Using the Charlottesville, Virginia, unrest as an example, he warned that American democracy was “under peril like it hasn’t been in my lifetime” and that he intends to run for president again.

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