The most well-known player to leave the PGA Tour and join the new LIV Golf series, which is backed by Saudi Arabia, is Bryson DeChambeau.

An American is at the peak of his career after winning the 2020 US Open at age 28.

It comes only one day after the PGA Tour said it was suspending any of its members who joined the rival circuit.

From June 30 to July 2 in Portland, Oregon, Bryson DeChambeau .

Will make his professional debut in the second event of the $250 million (£200 million) tour.

The first of seven £20 million tournaments with 54 holes is going on right now at the Centurion Club in London.

The final £40 million tournament will take place in Miami over four days in October.

Greg Norman, executive chairman of LIV Golf, called DeChambeau “an interesting appointment.”

Due to his commitment to “pushing the limits” as well as his “passion for and innovation in his approach”.

When it comes to growing our game, “he doesn’t shy away from trying anything new because he knows it will work.”

It’s the seventh major winner to join the new series.

DeChambeau turned pro in 2016 and played on the PGA Tour for the first time in 2017.

His ‘bomb and gouge’ strategy of hitting the ball far.

Then gouging also it out of danger won him the 2020 US Open despite the fact that he gained 40 pounds of muscle during the COVID-19 epidemic.

After getting hurt in February at the Asian Tour’s Saudi International.

Which De Chambeau and many other PGA Tour players were allowed to play in, he dropped from the top ten in the world to 28th place.

Something more

Because LIV golf tournaments don’t presently carry ranking points.

Although Norman also claimed last month that he was convinced his series would get them.

The decline in the standings may not end there.

For professional golfers, qualifying for the four most prestigious tournaments in the world is all about earning points in the rankings.

After winning the US Open, De Chambeau received a 10-year exemption.

As well as five-year exemptions for the Open, Masters, and US PGA Championship.

DeChambeau is safe for the time being.

The United States Golf Association, which oversees the US Open.

Has said also that players who have qualified for this week’s LIV golf tournament.

Will be permitted to compete at the US Open next week.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews has yet to issue a statement on the July 15th Open Championship.

It was a “big risk” for DeChambeau to participate in the Masters so soon after his injury to make a comeback early in the year.

Following Augusta National, he had surgery on his left hand, which resulted in him missing last month’s US PGA Championship.

After missing the cut at the Memorial Tournament last week.

PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan sent out a note to all members on Thursday.

Announcing that he would be retiring from the tour.

Monahan’s statement also says that this week’s players who don’t have releases are suspended or otherwise.

Can’t play in PGA Tour events like the Presidents Cup.

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