Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that Canada should make it illegal to sell or give away any kind of gun.

New legislation proposed by his administration would prohibit individual possession of all short-barreled guns.

Under the plan, handguns would not be completely illegal, but it would be against the law to buy one.

The bill who introduced in parliament on Monday.

Which claimed the lives of 21 students and spurred Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to propose a new law in Canada.

Parliament presented the bill Monday.

It will be illegal to buy, sell, give away, or bring handguns into the country.

No one in Canada needs weapons for any other reason than for recreational purposes like hunting and target practice.

We must intervene as long as gun violence increases, he added.

This is his government’s most aggressive endeavor yet to limit the availability of guns.

It also says that rifle magazines must be changed so that they can hold no more than five bullets at a time.

Domestic abuse and criminal harassment perpetrators would have their gun licenses revoked.

The Canadian constitution does not stipulate the ownership of weapons, unlike the United States.

However, weapons remain popular, particularly in rural areas of the nation.

Candaian Gun

Canadian gun laws are more stringent than those of its southern neighbor, yet the country has fewer shootings each year.

For example, all guns must be stored and unloaded at all times, and anyone who wants to buy a handgun must go through a full background check.

In the wake of a string of horrific shootings, there have been demands to tighten gun laws even further.

Twenty-two people were shot dead in Nova Scotia by a shooter who claimed to be a police officer during a shooting spree in April 2020.

After only a few days, Mr. Trudeau declared an immediate ban on 1,500 types of military and assault-style weapons, including assault rifles.

Under the proposed law, the number of people who can own handguns in Canada would stay about the same as it is now.

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