As soon as the first shot rang out, there was an abundance of grace. At the St. Francis Catholic church in Owo, south-western Nigeria.

The Lord’s Prayer became viaticum-the ultimate prayer-for scores of worshipers.

When armed men stormed the doors of the church at 11:30 on Sunday.

They detonated explosives, sending worshippers fleeing for their lives.

As people tried to get out of the building through the other two exits.

They encountered more gunmen and loud explosions.

A total of 50 dead, many of them youngsters.

Were found on the church floors by eyewitnesses after the incident, and many more were wounded.

In addition to the altar, there was blood on the floor and corpses on the seats.

It’s still unclear exactly how many individuals were killed or injured.

A Catholic bishop claims that Ondo’s largest parish is a fine place to worship.

It has a capacity of 1,200 guests. During the raid, it is fulfilling.

It lasted about 30 minutes during the attack. He and others sought God’s mercy and refuge in Sacristy.

More about the case from the church

He also said other people were in the rubble of the blast.

They had to suffer in silence while the killers waited in ambush and picked out people hiding under their seats.

An injured choir brother of Mr. Nwovu’s is now receiving medical attention.

He remarked, “I don’t believe I’ll ever be able to forget what I witnessed.”

Many people take refuge in dynamite-filled windows.

Many victims are still inside.

More than a place of worship, the church has been a part of the lives of the residents of this little hamlet in Ondo State since they were infants.

The assault caught everyone off guard.

He spared the senseless deaths that seem to happen in Nigeria every week.

The gruesomeness of this assault has stunned many people.

Even though this approach has been used previously by the Islamist extremist organization Boko Haram.

There were people of all ages at this gathering.

The Pentecost ceremony, which symbolizes the beginning of the church and the conclusion of the Easter season.

Was attended by a large number of people dressed in their Sunday best.

He said that he saw “entire families being wiped out,” including people he knew and members of his own family.

For orthodox Nigerian Christians, the first Sundays of the month are also noteworthy.

This would have been no different since Thanksgiving services are often full of heartfelt thanksgiving from individuals, families, and groups.

Folake Oni, 56, is baffled as to how she was able to escape the assailant’s onslaught.

She only remembers being brought to the hospital after leaving the church.

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