According to recent government instructions, face masks will no longer be required to be actually worn on flights and at airports in EU countries starting next Monday.
According to the EU Aviation Safety Agency, the decision is in keeping with evolving anti-Covid measures on public transportation throughout Europe (Easa).
France, Italy, and Bulgaria have all reduced their regulations.
After a federal court struck down the government’s mask rule in April, several US airlines followed suit.
“Face masks will no longer be required in all circumstances of air travel from next week, largely coinciding with evolving regulations of national authorities throughout Europe for public transportation,” EASA executive director Patrick Ky stated.
“It’s a comfort to all of us that we’ve now arrived at a point in the pandemic when we can begin to relax and enjoy the health safety precautions,” he continued.
The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, however, issued some warning advise alongside the new recommendations (ECDC).
Although masks would no longer be required, ECDC head Andrea Ammon said it was important to remember that “together with physical distance and basic hand cleanliness, it is one of the greatest strategies of minimizing transmission.”
Both EU authorities said that airlines should urge customers to wear masks on flights coming or leaving from regions where masks are still required for public transportation.
“Further, as of May 16, 2022, aircraft operators shall continue to urge their passengers and staff members to wear full face masks throughout the flight as well as at the airport, even if it is not needed,” the ECDC added.

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