Between Election Day 2020 and Joe Biden’s January 2021 inauguration, former White House former chief of staff Mark Meadows and Fox’s Sean Hannity exchanged over 80 text messages, digital communications that show people Hannity’s evolution of life from staunch supporter of former President Donald Trump being elected lies to being “fed up” with the “lunatics” hurting Trump’s cause in the days leading up to January 6. Meadows spoke with a number of Fox strong personalities, just as well as a number of reporters it from other news organizations, according to the records, but Hannity usually stands out with 82 communications. The texts, which include hundreds of previously revealed exchanges, provide a real-time look at how Hannity, a close Trump ally, was responding to the primary election and its immediate aftermath.Hannity delivers advise and begs for guidance throughout the logs, blurring the boundaries between his Fox program, his radio show, and then the Trump White House.

Hannity texted Meadows and at 1:36 p.m. on Election Day to inquire about high turnout in North Carolina. Meadows answered two hours later: “It’s important to remember that every vote counts. Make an effort to vote. On the radio.”
“Yes, sir,” said Hannity. “I’m working on it. We need a shove somewhere in particular.”
“Pennsylvania. Meadows typed, “NC AZ,” then added, “Nevada.””
“You’ve got it. Throughout the world, “According to Hannity.
The messages also show the two men contemplating Trump’s election challenge strategy, whining about Fox, and scheming what to do once Trump leaves office, including maybe cooperating.
On December 12, Hannity texted Meadows, “You will also need to spend half all your single time on doing business with us.” “And I’m not joking. Have you ever spoken with Fox? I’ve been at odds with them for a long time.”
“I concur. We may form a formidable alliance “Meadows retorted. “I was unable to speak with (Fox News CEO) Suzanne (Scott) because too many of pardons, but I will make every effort to do so. I am really proud of you because you are a great patriot! Your friendship is quite valuable to me.”
“The feeling is reciprocal,” Hannity said.
While Hannity did not answer to  for comment on his text messages with Meadows, he did seem to address the issue on his Fox program on Friday night.
  But I can generate tens of thousands of hours of straight news, tens of thousands of hours of investigative reporting, and tens of thousands of hours of comedy “According to Hannity. “I’ll be honest with you: I’m a registered conservative. I made no apologies for voting for Donald Trump. I am forthright in expressing my viewpoint.”
Meadows and his lawyer did not answer to comment, but in a Friday night court filing, Meadows claimed that his messages “are devoid of any indication that Mr. Meadows had any awareness of, much alone any participation whatsoever in the, the untoward events at the Capitol.” The January 6 group has also utilized the messages Meadows has previously given over “to defame him publicly via the media,” according to the petition.

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