Due to record-breaking heat, France has prohibited outdoor public events.

The Gironde region near Bordeaux has canceled all concerts and other public gatherings.

With temperatures predicted to peak on Saturday, sections of France have surpassed 40C earlier in the year than ever before.

As a consequence of global warming, scientists claim that extreme heatwaves are growing more common and lasting longer.

Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom are also experiencing high temperatures.
“Until the end of the heat wave,” authorities in Gironde said Friday at that public gathering.

Including those of the official 18 June Resistance commemoration, would be barred.

Also prohibited are indoor activities held in locations without working air conditioning.

Weddings and other private events would still be permitted.

Fabienne Buccio, a municipal official, told France Bleu radio that “everyone now faces a health risk.”

As a precaution, France’s interior ministry urged citizens to exercise utmost caution while out in the elements.

Forecasters at Meteo France claim that this is the country’s earliest-ever hot spell, brought on by a mass of hot air pouring in from north Africa.

Droughts have also pushed the likelihood of flames up in Paris, according to forecasters.

At 86, Jacqueline Bonnaud told the AFP news agency in the southern city of Toulouse.

“I believe this is the worst heatwave I’ve ever experienced.” Bonnaud was born here.

Big heatwave

Since more people are using fans and air conditioners, France has had to rely more on importing power from other nations.
The Aemet meteorological agency predicts highs of 43C this weekend in Spain, which recently had the warmest May since the turn of the century.

Catalonia has seen many forest fires, including one that might expand to 20,000 hectares before it is put out, according to the regional administration.

The Po, Italy’s greatest river, has water levels so low that inhabitants can walk across the sand, and WWII ships are rising to the surface.

There is a level three heat health notice in effect for the capital of the United Kingdom, London, as temperatures are forecast to hit 33C there.
Sweltering temperatures have spread around the globe this week, and it’s not just in Europe.

Record high temperatures forced a third of the US population inside on Wednesday.

According to the India Meteorological Department, Delhi hit 42C on 25 days this summer.

As a result of climate change, global temperatures are rising.

Massive emissions of climate-changing chemicals like carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere capture heat from the sun, warming the globe.

With this came an uptick in severe weather, including globally record-breaking temperatures.

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