A report from the French government says that several mistakes made the Champions League final in Paris last month less exciting.

Preparation difficulties, large crowds without tickets or false ones and security lapses at the stadium were among the issues.

The administration says it will adopt the recommendations made in the study, but it does not assign responsibility.

The tear gassing of supporters and subsequent assaults on them by local youngsters were all part of the saga on May 28.

At the Stade de France, Real Madrid defeated Liverpool 1-0.

France, the UK, and Spain are angry about the chaos and the French government’s first responders.

Which was to blame the fans for the problem.

Even though they got to the stadium hours early.

Some Liverpool fans are worried about their safety because there are so many people there.

Saint-Denis residents have reported threats.

With knives and having their personal property stolen by local gangs after a game.

Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson has criticized the French police for using batons too harshly on protestors in Paris earlier this month.

More about the investigation from France

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has come under fire for blaming the violence outside of the stadium on “huge, industrial-scale” ticket fraud.

A government envoy for Olympic and other big sports event preparations.

Michel Cadot, also stated that Mr. Darmanin’s assertion that 40,000 Liverpool supporters.

Were responsible for the turmoil should be “relativized”.

“Outside observers have raised worries about our country’s capacity.

To deliver and succeed in the big athletic events for which we will soon be responsible,” the study said.

Paris will host the 2023 Rugby World Cup and 2024 Olympics.

To combat fraud, the paper recommends a national commission to pilot big international athletic events and the adoption of all-electronic tickets.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne also has instructed the interior and sports ministries.

“To take up the proposals and put them in place without delay,” she said in her first statement.

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