Convicted Jeffrey Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers are pushing for a sentence significantly less than the suggested 20 years in prison.

In a court filing, her legal team says she shouldn’t be responsible for Epstein’s behavior.

They also argue for tolerance because of Maxwell’s terrible childhood and allegations of jail maltreatment.

Maxwell was convicted of many offenses last year, including underage sex trafficking.

As a result of this, her attorneys suggest that a sentence “far below the advisory guideline range” is justified in this instance.
Epstein was the “mastermind” behind the sex trafficking operation the two conducted.

And Maxwell should not be imprisoned “as if she were Epstein’s proxy since Epstein is no longer here,” they claim.
The lawyers say Maxwell “cannot and should not face all of Epstein’s consequences.”

Maxwell’s attorneys argue jail abuse claims should In considered.

Since her arrest on July 20, 2020, she must have remained behind bars.

“Far more onerous and punishing” than the normal pretrial detainee’s circumstances.

They claim Maxwell, including extended periods of isolation, many physical searches, and “meager, stale, frequently rotten” meals.

A “credible” death threat was allegedly made against Maxwell by another prisoner, according to her attorneys.

A female prisoner in Ms. Maxwell’s apartment reportedly told at least three other female prisoners that.

Maxwell’s punishment will be decided by a court later this month. Prior to that day, prosecutors will also provide recommendations for punishment.

Four women testified at Epstein’s trial that Maxwell was a key player in the abuses they had suffered at the hands of Epstein.

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