Australia has seen the discovery of a deadly parasite.

Putting millions of bees on “lockdown” and requiring the eradication of thousands more.

Varroa destructor was originally discovered at a port near Sydney last week.

But has now been identified in hives 100 kilometers further.

The honey and food businesses might lose millions of dollars as a result of the pandemic.

A new biosecurity zone prohibits beekeepers from transporting hives, bees, or honeycombs until further notice. ‘

The varroa mites, which pose the greatest danger to bees globally, were only found in Australia.

Biosecurity precautions are in place to control the outbreak.

After the discovery of the mites in seven different places throughout New South Wales.

It is planning to wipe out the whole population within a 10-kilometer radius of the impacted locations.

While those within a 25-kilometer radius will be examined and monitored.

Bees are also subject to a “bee lockout,” which prevents them from traveling across the state.

NSW Farmers’ Ian McColl said it is essential to halt the spread of the disease.

Which is wreaking havoc on farmers.

According to him, the honey-producing business might face.

Annual losses of up to $70 million ($48 million, £39 million) if the mites expand further.

Bee pollination is responsible for a third of Australia’s food output, including almonds, apples, and avocados.

Mr. McColl went on to say that “bees are a vital element of our manufacturing chain.

‘This is a huge community problem, as well as a matter for industry,’ he said.

Farmers consider also the next few days to be key in combating the epidemic.

Since Queensland and Victoria removed other varroa mites.

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