After Ferrari’s Monaco Grand Prix win was squandered by a series of strategic blunders, Charles Leclerc was not afraid to speak his mind.

He clarified, saying, “Let down is not the term.” In the last several days, there have been far too many blunders. “

“I’m used to returning home dejected, but we can’t do that right now, particularly when we’re in such a great position.”

We need to seize the moment. I’m grateful to the people I work with. We’ll be better for it, but it’s a big blow right now.

The loss of so many points is just too much for us to bear. ” Not even from first to second, but from first to fourth, since, following the first error, we’ve made another one.

Leclerc was disappointed on two levels, both of which were intertwined.

His team’s mistakes in his home race had recently cost him an easy win, and he was still reeling from that experience.

He has also just lost additional championship points to rival Max Verstappen. He held a 46-point advantage in championship points only four races ago.

The Brazilian has now won four straight races to go nine points clear of the Dutchman.

Victory snatched from under your nose

In Monaco, Red Bull should never have had a chance.

This gave Ferrari an advantage at a track where overtaking is almost impossible.

The rain at the outset, coupled with many perplexing operational actions by the regulating body, the FIA, made things more difficult to understand.

Once Charles Leclerc and teammate Carlos Sainz took the lead, Ferrari should have been able to hold on to that position, particularly because Leclerc was progressively moving away from the front and seemed unchallengeable.

There is no doubt that had they chosen to continue on the extreme wet tires that they had been racing on until it was time for an upgrade, they would have done it correctly.

Two laps after Red Bull brought Sergio Perez in for intermediate tires, Leclerc got back at them by going fast.

When Leclerc emerged from the pits, he was far behind Perez but still ahead of Verstappen. It was too late.

Ferrari still had a chance to win, but not with Leclerc.

Ferrari’s decision to pull him in for intermediates was overruled by Sainz, who said that he intended to remain out and go directly to the slick tires.

What tripped them up this time was just poor luck.

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