Monkeypox has been confirmed in Israel, Switzerland, and Austria. This brings the overall number of monkeypox outbreaks to 15.
According to reports from both Israel and Switzerland, one affected individual just returned from a trip overseas. Israel is also looking at other possibilities.

Аlthough this monkeypox surprised experts, the public danger is considered minimal. According to the UK National Health Service, just a few weeks is enough time for most people who have contracted the virus to recover.
The World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged that some other cases were investigated, but did not name the nations involved.

The situation in Europe

After his trip to South Korea, the US president asked about the epidemic, to which he replied that the further spread of the virus would be “consequential” and that “it is something that everyone should be concerned about.”
He said the United States was “working hard” on the response and potential vaccine.

Several other European countries have confirmed instances of the virus since it was initially discovered in the United Kingdom, including Spain, and Portugal. Germany. Belgium. France. The Netherlands. Italy. and Sweden.
Health Security Agency chief medical advisor Dr. Susan Hopkins said – “We are identifying more instances on a daily basis.”

This virus is now spreading across the community, and instances have been found when no one in the community has had any interaction with someone who has been to West Africa, the region where the sickness is prevalent.

There is a “very low” risk to the general public, with cases so far detected in select urban areas and among gay or bisexual men, Dr. Hopkins said.

In spite of the lack of a specialized vaccination for measles, numerous nations claim to have smallpox vaccines on hand, which are roughly 85% effective in preventing infection since the two viruses are quite similar.

What is monkeypox?

The monkeypox virus is responsible for this contagious illness, which may affect a wide range of animals, including humans.

Fever, headache, muscular aches, enlarged lymph nodes, and exhaustion are the first signs.

A rash that blisters and crusts over follows. The development of symptoms often occurs within 10 days after exposure. Symptoms often last from two to four weeks.

Handling bushmeat, animal bites or scratches, bodily fluids, contaminated items or direct contact with an infected person are all ways that monkeypox may be transmitted.

Certain types of rodents are often infected with the virus. In order to confirm a diagnosis, a lesion might be tested for the virus’s DNA. The condition might seem like chickenpox at first glance.

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