After a two-year hiatus, Japan is again welcoming tourists from 98 nations and regions.

COVID-19 limits have gradually been eased, but this is the most important step yet.

Restrictions, such as the necessity to travel with a tour group, will remain in place.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games have been postponed until after the country has installed one of the world’s strictest virus control regimens.

The government recently increased the daily quota for foreign arrivals to 20,000.

Effective June Travel restrictions had previously been eased for foreign residents and business travelers.

Since the middle of March, overseas students have also been allowed to enter the United States.

Groups of tourists will be permitted to enter the nation starting on June 10. According to Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Roughly 100 nations and areas, including the United Kingdom, will be classified into three danger categories red, yellow, and blue which will decide whether or not visitors may skip quarantine precautions.

Travel agencies

The news has been well received by travel businesses.

“Despite the fact that Japan has been off-limits for over two years, there is still a lot of interest in coming. As soon as the borders are completely open, I’m sure there will be a surge of reservations, “As the managing director of Intrepid Travel, Zina Bencheikh, said.

Many other travel companies pointed out the high price of Japan’s exclusion.

The Japanese government is quite cautious, according to James Greenfield, managing director of Japan Journeys.

After more than two years without a single dollar in revenue.

They want the first visitors to enter on guided tours, and we’re willing to accomplish this and do everything that is required to keep our customers happy and to also recover some cash.

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