According to Jemma Reekie, the quality and depth of British women’s body middle-distance running power is pushing everyone engaged to new heights.
In last year’s Tokyo 800m final, Reekie was accompanied by silver medalist Keely Hodgkinson and Alexandra Bell.
Three Britons competed too in the event’s Olympic final game for the first time.
“I was racing 800m and won all the time in 2020,” “but having those British ladies come up and challenge us is much much better.”
“I’m always learning and improving.” Now, in training, you must work really hard just because those females work extremely hard.”
Laura Muir, Reekie’s training partner, is a significant member of the British scene, and her choice to concentrate on the longer distance after contemplating double up over 800m and 1500m was rewarded with a silver medal in Tokyo.
Despite the fact that the two distance runners had moved in together and during the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic’s nationwide lockdown, Reekie could only watch her friend’s Olympic glory from afar.
Reekie had to fly home after finishing fourth in the 800m final due to Covid limitations. Muir’s final was three days later.
Reekie said, “It seemed so strange not being there for it.”
“I was terrified the whole day leading up to her final, and then I was cheering her on from home while watching it on TV.”

“Laura called me right away after that, and sometimes we later went out for the coffee to celebrate.” It was incredible to see her accomplish what we had known she was capable of for such a long time.”
Andy Young is in charge of both Reekie’s and Muir’s 2022 campaigns.
“He simply tells me where I need to go and what I need to do and I just follow,” Reekie says of Young’s plan for her, which includes a World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and European Championships this summer.
However, one date has been penciled in. On May 21, Reekie will face Muir in a 1500m race at the Birmingham Diamond League.
“We’re different in many ways, Laura is fantastic at speed and endurance,” Reekie noted after recovering from glandular fever early in the season.
“I believe I’m a little short in endurance, but I’m a speed demon. We both gain so much from each other in training – she pushes me in the long things, and I push her in the quick stuff, and we both work incredibly hard together.” ” I appreciate her 1500m ability, but I am certain we will put on a display.”
Muir and Reekie haven’t competed over the longer distance since the 2019 Anniversary Games in London, with Muir winning that event as well as their two prior 1500m bouts.
Meanwhile, Reekie has won five of their seven 800m races.
Whether Muir chooses to double up or not, the 24-year-old is aware that the final of the 800m at the World Championships in July may develop into a trans-Atlantic tearing.
Athing Mu, the Olympic champion, and Raevyn Rogers, the bronze medalist, will compete in front of a home audience in Oregon, and eight of the top 12 fastest times in 2021 have been set by either American or British competitors.

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