Unless “state-owned” teams like Manchester City and Paris St. Germain be managed, European football is in “danger,” argues the head of Spain’s top league.

La Liga has protested to Uefa about both clubs’ FFP violations.

According to this theory, affluent nations are efficiently managing their economies, and they are able to evade restrictions meant to keep their spending in check.

Clubs from both sides have vehemently disputed the allegations.

Winners of the Premier League Sheikh Mansour of the United Arab Emirates owns the majority of Manchester City, while the Emir of Qatar owns the French champions PSG.

President Javier Tebas of La Liga stated that the goal is to protect Europe’s football ecosystem.

“We believe that European football is in danger,” he said. State-owned clubs cannot be controlled by whatever mechanism we’ve devised.

He’s criticized PSG for signing Kylian Mbappe to a multimillion-dollar contract.

“We’ve filed formal accusations against PSG for financial doping,” he stated during a European Leagues conference in Amsterdam.

Uefa has permitted losses since clubs have decreased turnover, while PSG’s salary cost soared under Covid.

La Liga in Europe

In 2021-22, they got 600 million euros. No way! Not included is Mbappe. They break FFP rules.

It’s threatening Europe’s whole banking system,” he continues.

Accusations against PSG and Manchester City were filed by La Liga earlier this month.

But the Spanish league has said that it has the option to prolong these complaints.

Overturning a Uefa two-year suspension on City for FFP violations, the Court of Arbitration for Sport will rule July 2020.

At one time, Man City’s commercial revenues accounted for 68 percent of the club’s total revenue.” 54 percent of the votes went to Real Madrid.

That’s a non-starter. A brand also like Manchester City’s isn’t worth that much money.

Initially, they were sanctioned, but that decision was later overturned. Further, PSG is blatantly apparent.

Attempting to do so is unrealistic. Contracts were intentionally inflating to make them more expensive.

“The vast majority of football players are concerned about their financial well-being.

” It’s not a big deal since the state owns them. “It’s all about the money.”

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