The day after the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v Wade was announced, the mood at an Arkansas abortion clinic changed dramatically.

That was the turning point in the story.

Cries may be heard from behind closed doors near the patient area.

As soon as a choice is achieved, we asked them to leave so they could think it through on their own.

Patients who have had to deal with anti-abortion demonstrators on a daily basis at the clinic were given a collective embrace by the escorts at the clinic.
“I had hoped that this nation would still be concerned about the well-being of its residents. I’d still be interested in ladies “said the escort’s captain, Miss Karen.

They cheered, but stressed there was more work to be done outside the abortion clinics.

Hoyt Plunkett said, “We will rejoice, but we will not completely celebrate until abortion is gone from our nation.”

Another protester screamed “You’re on notice!” to others still parked at the clinic. There is no decision yet.

This protester urged you to leave this unethical, unjust, and terrible site.
Many clinics around the United States are closing their doors, probably for good.

Roe for abortion

Should the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade, Arkansas, along with 12 other US states, will be forced to enact an anti-abortion statute.

They went into effect immediately after the Supreme Court announced its judgment, which gave states the ability to regulate abortion.

Arkansas passed trigger legislation that went into force immediately after the state’s top lawyer certified that the Supreme Court gave them the ability to do so, whereas other states, like Texas, required waiting periods.

Many people doubted that it would happen in their lives, she remarked.

No exceptions for rape or incest are made for abortion, which is solely permitted to preserve the mother’s life.

“We’re dealing with the loss of a child’s life here. To begin with, there’s the unborn child “Rutledge said.

“The fact that it was born in a bad situation doesn’t make it wicked.”

Arkansas pregnancies have fewer options. Because the closest abortion clinic is 5 hours away, they may leave the state or keep their child.

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