The MCU already has a way of getting into the multiverse.  Sylvie is going to be controlled by dreamwalking in Loki Season 2.

Loki season 2 is about to get weirder and we love it.

The minute the Multiverse was established as a concept for the MCU, fans understood that anything might go wrong. When Marvel  launched  Loki,  they lost  little time in proving it. The  introduction  of Variants  both  drove  viewers  into the deep end of weirdness.

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Michael Waldron is prospering behind the scenes in the MCU right now. He wrote Doctor Strange 2. As a result, it has a 74% critics score and an 86% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. However, he also acted as executive producer and writer for the first season. But, he will no longer be the show’s writer for the second season. He still teased some huge things for the sequel and hopes that the upcoming Strange movie will serve as inspiration.

Nothing Is In The Movie By Accident

In terms of the current film’s craziness, Waldron hinted that “… nothing is in the movie by accident. Feige is certainly aware of the implications of everything, you know? They’re not spirits of the damned just for spirits of the damned’s sake.”

“I don’t know if I could go any weirder than we went in season 1. We had an alligator drinking wine out of a kiddie pool. That felt like the Mount Everest peak weird! I think there are plenty of opportunities there. We’re always looking to outdo ourselves. Although hopefully, it’s always driven by character. Also, I learned from this movie once again, that no idea is too crazy. You can write Strange possessing his own corpse, and maybe you’ll end up shooting it. That encourages me to be bold, which is good.” 

Waldron confirmed that Eric Martin will serve as head writer for Loki‘s second season.

“Well, I mean, look, everything leads into everything,” Waldron said. “We’ve hired a couple of great directors. Benson and Moorhead are brilliant. And Martin is the head writer for season 2. So the creative team is fantastic..”

Loki Will Use Dreamwalking to Control Sylvie in Season 2

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s pouring theories. And one fascinating Loki idea predicts a crucial narrative element for Loki Season 2.

Doctor Strange 2 is in such high regard because it has entirely changed the norms of multiversal interaction. Chavez was the first to be able to travel across niverses. However, there are methods to get access to other realms without using her talents.

The MCU already has a way of getting into the multiverse. 

The Darkhold possessed a strong spell that exacted a great toll on the user while granting control over their variations.  Wanda utilized this talent, called Dreamwalking. She did this, so she could seize control of Earth-838  Wanda  in  Doctor Strange 2.

Strange did it as well as Wanda but by possessing a dead body of himself from another universe.

Dreamwalking allows a sorcerer to manipulate their variation, but at a high cost. The writer of Doctor Strange 2 was asked a question about it, and he suggested that the ability would appear again in Loki Season 2.

The fact that this has existed from ancient times indicates that the multiverse has always been present. And this alters everything. In a multiverse with endless realities, anything may happen to anybody at any moment.

When Can We Expect Loki Season 2?

Finally, the second season of Loki is expected to begin filming in the next couple of weeks in London. The show is expected to see the return of Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Mbatha-Raw, Di Martino, and Mosaku.

One person who will not be returning to Loki is director Kate Herron. He is not coming back in order to pursue other opportunities.

In particular, this likely places the project’s debut somewhere in the summer of 2023–after the release of Ant-Man: Quantumania. Above all, we will see the reappearance of Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror.

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