Oslo Cathedral has hosted a memorial ceremony for the victims of a shooting in Oslo’s central business district.

Two persons died and 21 were wounded in an “act of Islamist terrorism” on Saturday.

It was a homosexual pub that was one of the targets. Murder, attempted murder.

And terrorist actions were all allegations against a 42-year-old man who was apprehended.

The Pride march in Oslo had to be postponed on Saturday owing to bad weather.

Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store, however.

Said at the ceremony that canceling the event had not slowed down the fight “against bigotry, biases and hate.

According to him, there were many thousands of individuals who had come in the streets to wave rainbow flags and leave flowers at the site.

The LGBTQ+ community expresses its strength and togetherness via the usage of symbols.

Bystanders soothed those who wept and cried themselves to sleep.
When people wanted to express their sadness and outrage, but also their support and solidarity and their desire for the struggle to continue.

Something more about the event

Mr. Stoere remarked that the city was full of individuals who wanted to speak up for the right of every person to live in freedom and safety.

“We are reminded of this by their actions. The battle has not yet been won. It’s not completely safe. However, by working together, we can prevail.”

Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway was present for the church service.

And the cathedral was festooned with colorful flowers and rainbow flags.
Olav Fykse Tveit, the leader of the Norwegian Protestant Church, declared, “Bullets cannot kill love.”

“We see that we may learn, sometimes despite ourselves, that variety is a presence, a richness.

And that many homosexuals have a capacity for love that we are incapable of,” he said, referring to the church’s longstanding opposition to same-sex marriage equality.

Shots were fired at a prominent LGBTQ+ establishment (London Bar), a jazz club (Herr Nilsen), and another pub early on Saturday morning.

When the suspect pulled out a pistol from his backpack and began shooting.

Panicked individuals were forced to either fall or leave, according to eyewitness accounts.

Minutes thereafter, police officers helped onlookers apprehend the assailant.

One of the guns recovered by authorities was a fully automatic firearm.

On Saturday, Norway’s PST intelligence service upped the country’s terror warning level to its highest level, although the agency stated it had “no evidence” of more assaults.

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