Medical leave for women experiencing excruciating menstrual cramps may be on the horizon in Spain, according to recent stories in the media
Three days of paid leave each month may be granted to women under a proposed new law, which may be increased to five in certain cases.
Politicians, on the other hand, cautioned that the leaked text, which was obtained by Spanish media, was still under development.
This would be the first time such a right has been established in European law if enacted. These laws exist in just a small number of nations throughout the globe.
An extensive reproductive health care reform in Spain will also affect the country’s abortion regulations.
The measure is expected to be introduced to the cabinet early next week, according to media reports.
With a doctor’s note, employees will be granted a maximum of three days of sick leave for incapacitating or exceptionally acute pain, according to the draft.
This is not meant to be used by those with minor pain.
Menstruation is being treated as a health problem, according to El Pas, which includes eliminating the “tampon levy” on certain hygiene items and providing free hygiene products in public places like schools and jails.
In addition to the reforms to abortion regulations that Equality Minister Irene Montero proposed earlier this year, the proposal adds additional paid maternity leave before giving birth.
Another administration imposed in 2015 the need that minors aged 16 and 17 get their parents’ or guardians’ consent before having an abortion. That condition was removed in 2017. It also removes the existing three-day cooling-off period and the necessity for abortion services to be supplied in the public healthcare system.
Conscientious objector status will still be an option for physicians in Spain, including those who are historically Roman Catholic, according to a story in El Pais.
Surrogacy, which is now illegal in Spain, will also be subject to stricter regulation under the new legislation.

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