Emmanuel Macron’s re-election as president hasn’t even occurred yet, yet he’s already in a critical election that might prevent him from enacting his changes.

For the first time, French citizens will vote on who will rule the country’s National Assembly.

A month ago, Mr. Macron defeated the far-right, but this time it will be more difficult for him.

Far-left Macron and Mélenchon were neck and neck a week ago, but Mélenchon now leads a left-green coalition.

President Obama needs 289 members to secure an absolute majority in the House of Representatives, but the New Ecological and Social Popular Union (Nupes) may be able to defeat him.

According to centrist Macron’s “ensemble,” they’re an alliance of Communists, Socialists, far-left Mélenchonists, and Greens.

Nupes, on the other hand, has energized people by promising to combat rising costs, lower the retirement age, and combat climate change.

The fight against Macron and the left

President Macron has been accused by Green leaders and many Green supporters of achieving nothing in the previous five years.
On Sunday, the second round of voting is dominated by two-candidate runoffs, with about half of the votes going to the two major political parties.

Clément Beaune, Europe Minister, and Amélie de Montchalin, Green Transition Minister.

Are two of the most prominent ministers in the Macron administration who are fighting for their positions and their seats.

Mr. Macron’s also big-ticket measures, such as increasing the retirement age, lowering taxes, and restructuring benefits.

If he doesn’t get 289 votes, he’ll need other parties’ help. The group may get 255-305 seats.

Polls show Nupes gaining 140-200 seats.

During a rally in Longjumeau, south of Paris on Friday night, Nupes spokesperson Ian Brossat said: “They didn’t believe the left and Greens”.

Could work also together because they thought it would lead to chaos and disaster; yet now, the turmoil is economic, with food prices rising. 10 million Americans are poor, according to estimates.

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