Kyrgios’s on-court “circus” erupted into the Wimbledon media interview room.

When his opponent Stefanos the opponent said that the Australian was “a bully” who could be “evil.”

Nick overcame the opponent in a pulsating four-set thriller, which he characterized as a “roller coaster.”

Stefanos was given a warning for intentionally smashing a ball into the crowd and almost striking a fan due to the tense environment.

Nick, 27, argued that his opponent should have been penalized because of the incident.

Even though television replays showed that that was not the case.

On his way to losing his calm in the second set, Kyrgios frequently berated.

Chair umpire Damien Dumusois, causing Stefanos to get agitated himself.

“In a sense, it resembled a circus. We’ve come to play tennis, after all “Greek, who was then 23, said:

At one point in their long-running heated confrontations.

Kyrgios referred to he as a “disgrace” and was subsequently issued a warning for cursing after being twice reported by line judges.

Tsitsipas earned a point penalty in the third set for smashing a forehand, which he claimed was “aimed” towards Kyrgios’ torso.

Into the stadium scoreboard in response to an underarm serve.

At that time, the match seemed to be on the verge of being disqualified for one of the participants.

Something more

In the fourth set, things calmed down a little, and Kyrgios finally won on his second match point under the floodlights on Court One.

At the net, the two exchanged a quick handshake before things heated up again during post-match interviews.

According to Kyrgios, who defeated Stefanos 4-1 in their most recent meeting in Halle.

Earlier this month, “I would be quite unhappy if I lost to someone two weeks in a row, as well.”

First, he should practice beating me a few more times, I thought.

As soon as he entered the All England Club’s post-match interview room, he started to unleash.

However, Kyrgios’ relentless bullying was labeled as “constant bullying” by the Greek umpire, rather than his opponent.

His opponents are “bullied,” stated Stefanos. “He may have been a bully in high school. Bullies aren’t my thing. I’m not a fan of folks who disparage others.

“He’s also admirable. He has a dark side that might damage others if disclosed.”

Kyrgios first denied bullying Stefanos when a reporter brought up the allegations to his attention, but he later said he was “not sure” how the charges against him came to light.

World number 40 answered, “He was the one hitting balls at me he was the one who struck one of my fans in the face, he was the one that smashed it out of the stadium.”

“I had nothing to do with it.

“I don’t believe I did anything rude to Stefanos other than a brief exchange with the umpire.

I didn’t have a sledgehammer in my hand.”

He , with whom Kyrgios played doubles at the University of Washington in 2019, was mentioned in an on-court interview with Kyrgios.

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