A police pursuit in Akron, Ohio, resulted in the shooting death of a black man after he was shot more than 60 times by the pursuing policemen, as shown in newly released footage.

During a nighttime traffic stop on 27 June, police said they suspect Jayland Walker, 25, opened fire first and officers feared for their lives.

Police said they located a handgun in Mr. Walker’s vehicle after he fled, despite the fact that he was unarmed when he fled.

As the demonstrations got underway, Akron’s mayor pleaded with residents to be patient.

Daniel Horrigan remarked of the Sunday footage, “It’s sad.”

Akron police are conducting an internal investigation to determine whether or not officers violated departmental rules and procedures, as promised by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, who is also the state’s attorney general.

Seven whites and one black are on paid administrative leave.

Even though Mr. Walker was on the ground, cops continued to shoot at him, according to a lawyer representing his family.

NACAP President Derrick Johnson called the death of Mr. Walker a “horrific tragedy.” “The act of killing someone. In a nutshell: “, it’s.

Jayland Walker’s car was pulled over around 00:30 on Monday, June 27.

Something more

Akron, Ohio, Police Chief Steve Mylett said a traffic camera showed a muzzle flare after a shot is a fire.

When a person with a ski mask gets out of the automobile and runs into a parking lot.

Police officers pursue after him for approximately 10 seconds before he shoots back at them.

Police said a stun gun attempt by one officer was unsuccessful.

Officer Mylett claimed still photos looked to show Mr. Walker “moving down to his waist region” and another appeared to show him turning toward an officer.

Another shot “captures a forward motion of his arm,” according to him.

Investigators found a shell casing that matched the gun in the car.

After the video is uploaded, protesters marched through Akron and gathered at the courthouse.

Bobby DiCello, a lawyer for the family, claimed police had shot Mr. Walker.

Even though he was on the ground and had detained him before providing first treatment.

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