Norway’s Pride protestors disobeyed police orders and held an LGBT march in Oslo only days after a horrific assault on a gay nightclub in the city.

A shooter opened fire outside several pubs in the city’s center on Saturday.

Killing two people and injuring another twenty-one.

Authorities halted all Pride events due to “Islamist terrorism.”

According to the head of the national police, extremists see LGBT individuals as “the enemy.”

Police urged on Monday that any Pride celebrations be postponed indefinitely because they remain a target.

“The threat assessment remains in place.

We’re dealing with a hazy terror scenario at the moment “As a mark of respect for the victims of Saturday’s assault.

Oslo police chief Martin Strand begged with the public on Monday not to attend an event held outside of the city hall.

Yet many defied that advise and showed up anyhow.

Waving signs reading “you can’t cancel us” and “sexual freedom,” among other bold slogans.
Marie Svaeren, a protester at Monday’s unauthorized demonstration.

Told Norwegian public station NRK, “I feel more safer here than anyplace else right now.”
It was on Monday that Oslo District Court remanded the 43-year-old man.

Suspected of carrying out Saturday’s horrific assault into detention for four weeks.

Something more

There will be no communication with the outside world for Zaniar Matapour.

The charges against him include murder, attempted murder, and terrorism-related acts.

When asked about Mr. Matapour’s motivation, police said they were still investigating and the suspect had so far declined to be interviewed by them.

“An act of Islamist extremism,” according to the country’s intelligence agencies.

Concerns regarding the suspect’s radicalization and involvement in “an extreme Islamist network” have been raised by Norwegian intelligence since 2015.

There were no signs of “violent intent” when intelligence operatives questioned him a month ago.

As the assailant pulled, victims had little choice except to flee or fall to the ground.

Revolver from his backpack and opened fire in and around three Oslo venues on Saturday, eyewitnesses said.

As witnesses rushed to aid, the assailant was apprehended minutes later.

The police found two firearms at the crime site, one of which was a fully automatic rifle.

The terror threat level in Norway increased to its highest level on Saturday.

When asked why she decided to attend, Rain Vangen Dalberg said that it was a way to indicate that the struggle was going.

However, some anti-police protestors said that police should be protecting the public.

Not caving in to their demands, by refusing to cancel the event.

The London Bar in Oslo, the Herr Nilsen jazz club, and another pub were all targeted in the early hours of Saturday morning.

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