When it comes to making offside rulings at the World Cup in Qatar, Fifa has confirmed that it would utilize semi-automated technology.

On top of that, each stadium will have 12 specialized multi-tracking cameras.

That are “100 percent synchronised” positioned on its roof to follow the ball and 29 points on each player.

Delivering data 50 times per second to compute their precise location on the field.

If a player is offside, the VAR booth alerts the on-field referee.

Offside VAR rulings were shortened from 70 to 25 seconds in testing matches at the Arab Cup and Club World Cup of last year.

“Very optimistic. All systems go, “The head of refereeing for Fifa’s officials, Pierluigi Collina.
Technology has allegedly left referees impotent in making judgments.

Something more

Football referee Carlo Collina was a six-year winner of the FIFA World Cup Best Referee award from 1998 to 2003.

Disputes that this is the case, saying there would still be the opportunity for argument over judgments.

This is the first time I’ve heard of robot officials. “This makes for great headlines, but it isn’t true.

“However, the match officials remain engaged in making decisions.

For the semi-automated system to respond, a player must be in an offside position as they play the ball.

In this area of play, the referee gets the last decision on handball or foul.

“Our ultimate objective is to train officials to make the proper calls on the field.

There is always the potential for debate if anything goes wrong, but the referee can use technology to gain a clearer picture of what transpired. “Premier League officials will gather in Qatar.

Two weeks before the World Cup to get final instructions from a select group of officials.

While there has been disagreement regarding the time necessary to decide offsides.

Collina doesn’t think the new offside technology will change ‘toenail judgments’.

From the technologies used to identify whether a ball has crossed the line or not.

However, Hawk-Eye was not able to identify Aston Villa goalkeeper Orjan Nyland had carried the ball into his net during Project Restart in the Premier League’s opening game of the new season. Collina isn’t concerned about it.

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