Women’s international rugby league matches have been suspended as the sport’s governing body investigates its inclusion policy for transgender athletes.

International Rugby League: A balance to establish between each person’s right to participate and the perceived threat to other.

Many sports are contemplating transgender inclusion at the time of the announcement.

On Sunday, transgender swimmers were barred from participating in women’s elite events if they had reached puberty.

The IRL said that in making its decision to prohibit “male-to-female (transwomen) athletes.

“It had taken into account “important trends in international sport.”

For the World Cup in England in October, the ban will encompass PNG sides.

“The IRL’s role is to balance each player’s right to participate”.

Which has been a rugby league tenet since its founding, the organization said.

‘The IRL will continue to work towards adopting standards, based on the greatest available data.

Transgender people opposed the verdict

Which reasonably balance the person’s right to participate with the safety of all players,’ the statement read.

Activists for transgender equality, on the other hand, have taken issue with the ruling.

According to the CEO of Equality Australia, Anna Brown.

Blanket restrictions on trans women competing against other women violate international human rights standards of non-discrimination.

As a result, “Fina (the international governing body for swimming) failed to achieve that criterion, and the rugby league’s interim suspension likewise fails to do so.”

The International Olympic Committee’s ruling earlier this year that transgender athletes’.

Each discipline should create its own rules for participation.

Has prompted many sports to reevaluate their inclusion policies in recent months.

IRL’s work with partner nations will shape a transgender policy for 2023.

Jon Dutton, the CEO of Rugby League World Cup 2021.

Said also he appreciated the “clarity” the IRL decision had brought to competing countries before picking their teams for the competition.

That’s why it’s critical for the IRL and the RLWC to thoroughly assess their positions on this issue, he said.

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