Following an outpouring of outrage over his vote to impeach former President Trump.

Republican congressman has lost his campaign to retain his position in Congress.

South Carolina incumbent Tom Rice was defeated in a primary election by a Trump-backed state lawmaker, Russell Fry.

In contrast, Nancy Mace, a Republican in the state who had sharply criticized Mr. Trump, was easily elected.

In a show of support, Ms. Mace subsequently visited Trump Tower.

There were some parliamentary elections on Tuesday in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, and Texas.

On January 6, 2021, the US Capitol riot erupted, and Mr. Rice became.

One of 10 Republicans who joined Democrats in impeachment proceedings against the departing president.

The Senate acquitted Donald Trump of the political accusation.
An investigation conducted by a Democratic-controlled House of Representatives is now holding public hearings on Capitol riots.

Alleging the previous president orchestrated an attempted coup.

However, he had said that he had no intention of resigning from the House of Representatives after voting for impeachment.

He was humiliated by a score of almost 25 points on Tuesday night.

The ten Republicans who voted to remove President Trump.

From office have had various degrees of success. Members of Congress Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.

Both of the United States House of Representatives.

Have been outspoken opponents of Trump.
Mr. Kinzinger is one among those who will not be seeking re-election this time around.

Others are putting their lives on the line for political office.


Mr. Trump was not pleased that Ms. Mace condemned him for the Capitol.

Disturbance and approved President Joe Biden’s election victory in the 2020 White House election.

Even if she didn’t vote to impeach him.

This year, she attempted to make apologies by making a video outside Trump Tower.

In New York City to remind her people that she was one of the former president’s first supporters.
Trump has backed Katie Arrington, a former state senator running for governor.

However, Ms. Mace easily reached the 50% level required to avoid a second round of voting.

He had requested followers to give him two birthday gifts by beating.

Mr. Rice and Ms. Mace on Tuesday when he turned 76 years old.

Analysts predict that the Republican primary victors in red-state South Carolina.

Will defeat their Democratic counterparts in the midterm elections in November.

In other news, for the first time in Texas’ history, Republicans won a strongly Hispanic seat.

It was after Mayra Flores’ victory in the 34th District Special Election that gave President Biden a 13-point lead against Flores in 2020.

After three consecutive weeks of decline, Mr. Biden’s popularity.

Rating has fallen to 39 percent in an opinion survey, and Americans are struggling with rising prices.

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