As a sizable crowd tried to reach Melilla, Spain’s North African outpost, authorities from the neighboring country of Morocco say that 18 migrants is murdere and several more were injured.

According to reports, several of the victims had reportedly fallen over a border barrier.

Migrants and security officers were sent to the hospital after fights broke out early on Friday.

It was the first mass crossing attempt since the resumption of diplomatic relations between Spain and Morocco in March.

This change in ties occurred when Spain endorsed Morocco’s plans for Western Sahara’s autonomous status.”

Officials in Spain estimate that as many as a thousand individuals attempted to enter the enclave by cutting the perimeter fence.

According to the report, more than 100 people passed and are currently in the process.

Migrants from sub-Saharan Africa are increasingly making their way to Melilla and Ceuta, another Spanish enclave, to reach Europe.

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