Three underwater drones meant to carry narcotics from Morocco have been confiscated by Spanish police.

Unmanned submersibles are capable of transporting up to 200 kilograms (441 pounds) of goods, according to the latest information.

The 14-month inquiry was place in Cadiz, Malaga, and Barcelona.

Police believe they have broken up a ring that was making and distributing the automobiles to European drug dealers.

Spanish officials have never seen an unmanned underwater vehicle.

This might enable drug traffickers to transfer significant amounts of drugs across the Strait of Gibraltar remotely, authorities warned in a statement.

The Strait of Gibraltar divides Morocco from Spain by a small stretch of water.

French narcotics smugglers reportedly ordered their construction.

French narcotics smugglers reportedly ordered their construction.

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Hashish and marijuana totaled 14 kg.

With more than €157.300 (£135.527) in cash and six massive aerial drones.
So long as the vehicles have GPS systems.

Drug smugglers may theoretically control them from any internet-enabled tablet anywhere around the globe.

Authorities say the father is a competent helicopter pilot who can build complex aircraft.

Officials believe that the gang specializes in the construction of a broad variety of air, and land.

Sea vehicles are exclusively for the transportation of narcotics and accuse them of providing criminal organizations in Denmark, Italy, France, and Spain with the devices in question.

Investigative teams found 13 various kinds of vehicles, according to the EFE news agency.

Including trailers with hidden “double bottoms” that can contain 800kg of merchandise.

It’s not the first time that detectives have discovered underwater drug-carrying vehicles.

The Colombian navy captured a semi-submersible vessel earlier this year that was carrying four tonnes of cocaine on its route to Central America.
In recent years, Spain has been an important gateway for narcotics entering Europe.

Due to its near proximity to Morocco and its significant ties to South America, where the bulk of the world’s cocaine is produced.

Drug traffickers sometimes use the 15-kilometer (9-mile) Strait of Gibraltar, which divides Europe and Africa, as a conduit.

In April 2017, gang members used speedboats to carry marijuana over the gap.

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