As the US faces a scarcity of infant formula, international companies are increasing shipments.
Nestle, the producer of Gerber, said it was flying in more supplies only from the Netherlands and Switzerland.
Reckitt Benckiser, which manufactures Enfamil and has plants in the United States, has also announced a 30 percent increase in output this year.
The announcement comes after US authorities cautioned that resolving the shortfall might take months.

Abbott Laboratories, the largest US provider of powder baby formula brands including Similac, struck an agreement with authorities on Monday to reopen a critical Michigan facility. Officials said it would take weeks for items to return to store shelves following the reopening.
The Sturgis business has been shuttered since February when bacteria was discovered in the facility, triggering product recalls.
The closure and recalls exacerbated a scarcity that had been brewing for months owing to supply chain etc and logistical delays, and it spiraled out of control as parents hurried to the shops to fill up.
The White House has being pressed to act on the situation.

The US Food and Drug Administration said on Monday that it was trying to remedy the problem, including loosening standards to allow for more international exports.
“With increasing production by other manufacturers, upcoming import actions, and the possibility of Abbott Nutrition’s Sturgis plant restarting production in the near future, the FDA anticipates supplies to improve over the next several months,” it stated.

Sales of baby formula increased 13% in April compared to January, even before the recall, according to the FDA, and certain signs showed that out-of-stock rates were exaggerated.
It said that “increased sales are also a good measure of formula availability to the general public.”

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