This may now cultivate and sell the plant in their own homes after removing it from the country’s list of prohibited substances.

The country is the first in Southeast Asia to take such a step and is renowned for its strict anti-drug policies.

But it is still illegal to use marijuana for fun, even though supporters say that loosening marijuana laws make the drug legal.

The government hopes that the growth of local cannabis businesses will help agriculture and tourism.

To encourage people to use marijuana, the government is handing out one million seeds.

Vice Prime Minister and Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on his social media accounts last month that.

“It is a chance for citizens and the state to gain cash from marijuana and hemp.”

The meal, which he said anybody could sell as long as they followed the guidelines.

Was a picture of chicken fried in cannabis oil, which he posted to Facebook.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)—the chemical that causes people to feel “high”—must be present in goods in amounts of less than 0.2 percent.

Those who register with the government will be allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants at home.

And businesses will also be permitted to produce the plant with permission starting Thursday.

Food and beverages laced with marijuana will soon be available to diners.

More clinics around the country are now able to prescribe marijuana as a form of medication.

Cannabis for medical purposes

In 2018 Thailand became the first Asian country to legalize medical marijuana usage.

However, it is still unlawful to take the substance for personal purposes.

Police warned that smoking marijuana in public it will be forbidden if they see it.

The plan also asks for the release of 4,000 marijuana-related convicts.

Because Thailand is always warm, many Thais have used cannabis as a traditional medicine for a long time.

The Thai parliament also is now debating a broader cannabis regulation bill.

According to proponents, there may be a progressive loosening of restrictions on marijuana use in the years to come.

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