A train carrying passengers derailed after striking a vehicle in Missouri.

Killing at least three people and injuring scores more, according to reports.

When the Los Angeles-Chicago train derailed in the village of Mendon, it carried around 243 people.

The derailment occurred at 12:42 a.m. local time and included seven cars and two locomotives (17:52 GMT).

The area’s emergency responders have arrived on the site.

On Monday, the “Southwest Chief” train traveling from Los Angeles to Kansas City hit “a vehicle impeding a public crossing” at Mendon.

An approximately 160-person hamlet located about 85 miles east.

There were also twelve crew members on board.

There were two fatalities on the railway and one fatality on the vehicle, according to Missouri Highway Patrol.

At least 50 individuals were hurt, according to an ambulance worker in the area.

“In slow motion, it all unfolded.

How did dust get on my window? Robert Nightingale’s rail reports.

Amtrak dispatched also more emergency responders to the area where an investigation is ongoing. Social media photographs show passengers sitting atop wrecked trains in a field.

One-shot shows a woman climbing a smashed window.

Uninjured passengers were transported to a nearby school, as seen in a photo sent on Twitter by another passenger.

An Amtrak train crashed with a car in Brentwood, California, yesterday, killing three women and injuring many more.

Amtrak train derailments are uncommon, although a few have occurred recently.

A train disaster in Montana in September killed 3 and injured dozens.

Amtrak train veered onto the wrong track and struck a stopped freight train in 2018, killing three passengers.

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