Dutch social affairs minister criticized for stating.

That young unemployed individuals from dismal French suburbs may find work in the Netherlands.

Karien van Gennip was attempting to alleviate labor shortages in the Netherlands.

Adding that “employment also helps individuals get back on track.”

A million Dutch citizens were unemployed, according to political officials.

The minister soon retracted his statement, claiming that the French proposal was not a strategy.

Ms. Van Gennip said that she was only reacting to a European Commission proposal to bring in migrant workers from outside the EU.

Which she described as “skipping a few stages” since there were enough young Europeans ready to fill the positions.

“In France, young unemployment is quite high, particularly in the banlieues, significantly higher than it is in the United States.

I could see investing in French or Spanish school-leavers, for example.

To allow them to work in catering or gardening here “She told the daily Algemeen Dagblad about it.
The European Commission suggested an EU talent pool in April.

To assist firms in finding employees and to make legal migration into the 27-country union easier.

“If we want to operate as a unified Europe, then we should also be worried about young unemployment in other European nations.”

Dutch minister stated while feeling enormous responsibility for the one million Dutch citizens who were jobless despite labor shortages.

In April, unemployment in the Netherlands was 3.2 percent, whereas it was 7.2 percent in France.

The interview with the Dutch employment minister, who is from the center-right, drew condemnation from both the left and the right.

Something more than the Dutch

“The Dutch labor market is not a re-education program for troubled immigrant adolescents,” stated Zohair El Yassini, a liberal MP.

Geert Wilders, the far-right leader, said that Dutch farms were going bankrupt.

That the government planned to bring North African immigrants from France.

Two-thirds of individuals over 55 are having difficulty finding a job.

“We presently have over 800,000 foreign workers in the Netherlands.

And we don’t treat them all that nicely,” Ms van Gennip concurred.

While she said that there were no plans to import French teenagers, she stated that she was attempting to make the point that other options.

Before bringing in non-European personnel, the EU should think about this.

Certain percentage According to research from 2021, 13.5 percent of 15 to 29-year-olds.

In metropolitan France were unemployed, illiterate, or untrained.

The high-immigrant areas of Seine-Saint-Denis in northern Paris and the northern.

Regions of Marseille in the south are notably jobless.

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