Even though there was a lot of criticism of the police on Saturday. France’s sports minister said that the early crowd problems at the Champions League.

Final in Paris were caused by fans who didn’t have tickets.

The mayhem at the stadium, according to Amélie Oudéa-Castéra.

Was caused by a “mass gathering” of fans with “false tickets.”

Local kids, she alleged, exacerbated the situation by attempting to push their way in.

Culture Secretary Maria Miller has called the police reaction “very disturbing” and sought an investigation.

People same are upset that French police use pepper spray and tear gas to get rid of some Liverpool fans who were in line to get into the stadium on Saturday night.

The police have also been accuse of being disorganized in their management of the masses masive of people who were trying to get inside the Stade de France.

Liverpool lost the Champions League final to Real Madrid by a score of 1-0.

The game was put off for 35 minutes because of trouble in the crowd.

Prior to a meeting with the French sports ministry UEFA , the French Football Association.

Stadium administrators and police to “draw lessons” from the occurrence MsOudéa-Castéra made her statements.

First and foremost large group of Liverpool fans gathered without tickets or with false ones.

The match was staged at the Stade de France, where she stated more people from the nearby region sought to get in.

Liverpool Fans Spoke

Hours before kickoff, Liverpool supporters reported seeing large lines of people waiting to get inside the stadium.

When asked about his buddy’s experience at the final, Liverpool midfielder Andy Robertson described it as a “shambles.”

“The way UEFA and the police treated fans was abhorrent.”

They where pepper blasted indiscriminately, and riot police with shields rushed at individuals with tickets who came two and a half hours early and queued up.

The person who was in Paris stated, “It was the most petrifying feeling I’ve ever experienced at a football event.”

His tweet said that there had been “a lot of people attempting to push their way in” and that “security was locking the gates and keeping out real fans with tickets.”

He also revealed that he had given him a real ticket but that his friend had been refused admittance because the ticket was falsely identified.

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