After crashing into a lake near Biscarrosse, France and the French inventor, Franky Zapata, was ataken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Mr. Zapata also fell 15 meters into Lake Biscarosse when he seemed to lose control of his invention while showing it off.

He was takened into the hospital, where he reported being well by staff.

After crossing the English Channel in 2019 with his invention, the former jet-ski champion became famous.

Mr. Zapata seems to have lost control of his flyboard in a video shared on social media,as he spirals into the lake after rising in a spin on it.

Officials subsequently therefore informed reporters that the 40-year-old was displaying “excellent sensitivity and motor abilities” while under observation in hospital.

According a to the French media site Sud Ouest.

Who before said that he was aware when rescue workers retrieved him from the lake.

He was supposed to perform many times over the weekend and but the mayor of Biscarosse, Hélène Larrezet, that all of his shows have been canceled because of what happened.

Useing four micro-turbines and Mr. Zapata’s flyboard and which he developed, constructed, and flew himself, can achieve speeds of up to 87 mph (140 kmh).

As part of Paris’ traditional Bastille Day celebrations and he soared over the military show on his futuristic jetpack in 2019 and was much praised.

Exactly three weeks later also he made the 22-mile (35.4km) voyage across the English Channel in 22 minutes.

A week before and Zapata’s also first attempt to cross the English Channel failed because of problems with the fuel.

More for Zapata

Zapata Racing was founded by French personal watercraft pilot Franky Zapata on September 27, 1978, and he invented the Flyboard and Flyboard Air.

Since 2012, Zapata has focused on making and selling personal flyers that can be used on land and water.

After refueling at the halfway mark, Zapata completed the English Channel crossing in 22 minutes, using a Flyboard Air.

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