The Gambia has halted all exports of wood to combat illegal logging.

The embargo requires also port authorities to refuse to put wood logs onto any vessel.

Senegal was a transit hub for protected West African Rosewood, according to a 2020 investigation.

Furnishings manufacturing accounts for a significant amount of it in China.

Cites, the Convention on International Trading in Endangered Species.

Has called on seven nations, including The Gambia, to stop the trade of this species since 2017.

Despite proclaiming its stocks to be on the verge of extinction over a decade ago.

The Gambia also routinely ranks among the top five worldwide exporters of West African Rosewood (Pterocarpus Erinaceus).

Rosewood is one of the world’s most sought-after wildlife goods in terms of both value and volume.

It’s also known as “redwood” or “Hongmu,” and it’s highly sought after for antique-style furniture due to its rich color and long life.

Between 2017 and 2020, China purchased more than 300,000 tonnes of Gambia’s cocoa.
Several Senegalese and Gambian sources confirmed the rosewood’s origin.

Several Senegalese and Gambian sources verified that the rosewood was being exported from The Gambia.

To China originated in the Casamance area of southern Senegal during a year-long inquiry.

Discovered at least 12 depots storing rosewood and other lumber along a 170km (105 miles) stretch of the border between the two nations.

All of them were inside the borders of Gambia.

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