There are a lot of questions about why Liverpool and Real Madrid don’t get almost half of the tickets for the Champions League final.
On May 28, Liverpool will meet the Spanish giants, and Klopp’s team still needs to sell 19,618 tickets.
At Paris’ Stade de France, 26.1 percent of the 75,000-capacity audience was in attendance.
If we only receive 20,000 and they get 20,000, and there are 75,000 people there, is that right?” 35,000 of the original 35,000 will be left over. What’s going on with these tickets?
A total of 12,000 tickets were sold by Uefa to supporters throughout the globe, although the deadline for these sales expired on April 28th, days before Liverpool and Real Madrid fans learned their teams had advanced to the championship game’s last four.
National associations, business partners, broadcasters and Uefa’s official hospitality program will get the remaining 23,000 seats.
Ticket prices on Uefa’s website ranged too from 4,900 euros (£4,178) to 8,900 euros (£7,590) on Thursday, but they have now sold out.
Between £50.32 to £578.63, Liverpool has been allotted 19,618 tickets. A total of 4,000 tickets, or 21%, are priced at or over the £410.91 maximum.
fans of Liverpool Football supporters are fed up with being “ripped off,” says Shankly’s spirit.
Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin stated, “I can’t comprehend how you can watch your supporters demonstrating and you don’t care,” in an open letter to the organization. You don’t have a lot of money, but it doesn’t mean you’re poor.’ Well, Mr. Ceferin, Liverpool supporters are complaining, and you don’t seem to care about it. European Football Association is not impoverished, but you seem to desire more.”
Despite Liverpool’s official warning that supporters shouldn’t go to Paris without a ticket, manager Jurgen Klopp claims that the city “is large enough” to accommodate them.
During his first season with the club, the German faced fire for encouraging supporters to go to Basel in order to create a new a party atmosphere for the Europa League final.
I couldn’t be more grateful or thankful for what the fans are doing,” Klopp said.
As long as everyone makes it, “I’m hoping for a fantastic environment.” “Of course they will.”
In the past, I would not have invited anybody to a party in Paris if they did not have a ticket, but this time, I believe the city is large enough to accommodate everyone, and I did this for Basel, Switzerland, and it was a ‘oops.’

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