Amber Heard was found guilty of defaming her ex-husband Johnny Depp in an article in which she claimed

She was a victim of domestic abuse by a jury in the United States.

Mr. Depp, who denied assaulting,

Ms. Heard was given $15 million (£12 million) .

In compensation and punitive damages by the jury.

Ms. Heard, 36, was given $2 million in compensatory.

Damages after winning one of three counterbalances against Mr. Depp, 58.

At the trial, the Hollywood stars, who divorced in 2017.

Gave sporty reports about their tragic love.

The court in Fairfax, Virginia, actually heard tawdry full details of Mr. Depp and Ms.

Head’s tumultuous marriage and its sad termination over the course of six weeks.

Many Americans, according to polls, were more engaged in the legal drama.

Than the crisis in Ukraine or a possibly historic abortion.

Verdict anticipated from the US Supreme Court any day.

The trial was broadcast daily and live, with billions of views on social media.

More about the verdict

On Wednesday , jurors concluded that Ms.Head’s. Assertions about her marriage were “false” and that she behaved.

With “actual malice” after almost two days of deliberation.

They also discovered that Mr. Depp defamed Ms.

Heard in a statement to the Daily Mail in 2020.

In which his lawyer called her abuse allegations false.

As the seven-person jury announced their verdict.

People outside the court shouted, “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny!”

His spokeswoman said that Mr. Depp.

Couldn’t go to court because he had “already set job engagements.”

The actor claims to be watching from the United Kingdom.

Where he and his pal have performed three surprise performances.

Since the jury started deliberations on Friday.

British singer Jeff Beck has been in the news.

Mr. Depp after earned a standing ovation after playing with Mr. Beck.

At the Royal Albert Hall in London on the eve of the decision.

He stated in a statement on Wednesday:

“My life was restored by the jury. I’m genuinely awestruck.”

“Truth never perishes,” he said in Latin.

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