During his time with England, Jack Grealish says he would want to apply the freedom he feels to his Manchester City career.

However, Grealish, 26, confesses that he “played it a little safe” in the Premier League following his record-breaking transfer from Aston Villa.

As an England substitute against Germany on Tuesday, the striker was a standout performance.

According to him, “I do feel like I play with a lot more freedom here”

Go forth and be yourself and try to create; that’s what the manager (Gareth Southgate) wanted me to do. That’s what I did.”

Grealish was asked whether he had been given more freedom to play for Ireland than he had for his club, and he replied: “Yes, that is what I believe.

It has been my experience that I have played conservatively at City.

But when I come here, it seems like I practice extremely hard.

Score goals and assist on the other team and so forth.

“The moment I step onto the field.
It’s difficult to put into words what I’m trying to say.

There is a lot more room to express myself on the field and I intend to carry this into my club career and continue to improve.”

While playing for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.

Grealish scored three goals in 26 league games.
But he claimed he felt “a little amount of comfort off my shoulders” when he won the championship.

Something more than Grealish

He concluded by saying: “I didn’t get a chance to talk with [Guardiola] before the season ended.

But that’s part of the game, and we had a good laugh and a joke about ourselves.

I’ll talk to him when I come back to City next year.

But for now, I’m OK at City and really enjoying myself.”

Grealish will have the opportunity to earn his 23rd cap when England takes on Italy at Molineux on Saturday in their Euro 2020 rematch.

In response to a question on the England starting lineup, he said: “Especially in my position, the changing room is full with excellent guys.

That’s where I believe there’s the greatest competitiveness, in my opinion.
Aside from Jadon [Sancho] and Marcus [Rashford], even guys who aren’t part of the team.

Such as Phil [Foden], have shown interest.

“Talent abounds here. Even now, there’s Bukayo [Saka], Jarrod [Bowen], and Raheem [Sterling], all of whom have had excellent seasons.”

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