After being criticized by Morocco’s religious council, the country’s cinema regulators have banned the controversial British film Lady of Heaven.

Lady Fatima (the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter), the subject of this film.

Is supposedly shown in the film.

Islam’s “established realities” were flagrantly falsified, according to the Supreme Ulema Council.

In the United Kingdom, there have been demonstrations against the film.

Several other countries have also voiced their displeasure with it.

According to Moroccan official media, also the council accused the video of “loathsome bias”.

Accused the producers of wanting “fame and sensationalism” and “hurting.

The sensibilities of Muslims and stirring up religious sensitivities.

Yasser Al-Habib is a Shia Muslim filmmaker and cleric.

Aleem Maqbool for depicting important venerated personalities in early Sunni Islam.

Insinuating that their activities are similar to those of the Islamic State in Iraq.
On his social media, the film’s producer, Malik Shlibak.

Slammed those calling for its censorship as bigots.

Telling them that if they didn’t like the film, they should just stop watching it.

He’s also indicated not all Muslims favor the film’s ban.

Cineworld, a British movie company, also canceled all showings of The Lady of Heaven after demonstrations outside various UK theatres.

Some Muslims who had been eager also to watch the film were enraged by this development.
To seem to normalize censoring based on blasphemy.

Very small group of individuals exerted their will.

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