Police in Israel say they have apprehended two Palestinians accused of murdering three Israelis with an axe and a knife on Thursday.
The village of Elad, a mostly ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, was the scene of a huge manhunt after the outbreak of violence.
During Independence Day celebrations, the attackers targeted a park and a major thoroughfare.
Since the beginning of March, Palestinians and Israeli Arabs have carried out a series of violent assaults in Israel.
An further seven people were injured, two of them were critically.
They were discovered in a thicket not far from Elad. According to Israeli police, they were from the northern West Bank district of Jenin.
Since March 21, assaults in Israel and the West Bank have claimed the lives of seventeen Israelis, one of whom was an Israeli Arab police officer, and two Ukrainians.
Since then, Israeli raids and clashes have claimed the lives of at least 26 Palestinians, including the assailants.
The al-Aqsa mosque complex in Jerusalem, better known to Muslims as al-Aqsa mosque compound and to Jews as the Temple Mount, has lately sparked tensions.
Hundreds of Palestinians have been wounded in skirmishes with police at this location over the course of the last month.

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