This week’s scheduled visit by U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield to the Syria-Turkey border has been postponed, but she will still attend a European Union summit on the future of Syria in Brussels next week.
Thomas-visit Greenfield’s comes at a time when there are fears that Russia might impede the flow of humanitarian supplies into the nation. A senior State Department source informed reporters that the Biden administration is ready to make the case for continuing cross-border humanitarian aid to Syria.
As a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes.
It was announced that Thomas-Greenfield would deliver a message emphasizing the fact that Syrian refugees are not forgotten. Our focus is to address humanitarian crises around the world and see them through, even over very long periods of time, as stated by the official on Friday before the border visit was postponed.
A meeting with Syrian refugees and the aid groups that assist them had been scheduled by Thomas-Greenfield. Also on her itinerary was a stop at the sole Turkish-Syrian border crossing where humanitarian aid may be delivered, Bab al-Hawa.
When the agreement to maintain the Bab al-Hawa border crossing open expires in July, it will be the end of the accord. Last year, the UN Security Council passed a resolution that led to this accord. In order to keep Bab al-Hawa open, the United States will have to work with Russia and other members of the Security Council.” ” At a crucial juncture in the Security Council’s consideration of extending and expanding access to essential humanitarian aid for the Syrian people, this resolution comes at the perfect time. Even as we directly address the global conflict in Ukraine and Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, the United States will continue to champion this assistance and the UN’s role the critical role the UN has to play in providing this assistance and rallying Security Council members to support extending the resolution, but also to rally the world around the humanitarian needs of the Syrian people and the urgency of this crisis “On Friday, a senior State Department official stated this.
The UN Security Council will spend the next months debating the issue of border crossings.
Official: “I believe we’ll concentrate on the same strong diplomatic engagement, presenting our case in the Council about how serious the situation is and how it would get much worse and if this cross-border assistance is not really reauthorized,” he added. Russian Ambassador Maria Zakharova said that Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield plans to visit Turkey so she can have a better understanding of the situation there, as well as how urgent the requirements are.

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