Elad, a central Israeli city, has been rocked by a suspected terror incident that has left three people dead and a number of others injured.
A park area in the city was targeted by two assailants, one equipped with a rifle and the other with an axe, according to Israeli media.
The culprits have yet to be apprehended.
The incident occurred on Israel’s Independence Day, a national celebration commemorating the country’s founding.
As part of this, there has been a recent series of Palestinian and Israeli Arab assaults, which has been the bloodiest in Israel since 2006.
The current flare-up between Israel and the West Bank has resulted in the deaths of at least 15 individuals.
At least 26 individuals, including bystanders, have been killed as a result of Israeli raids on Palestinian communities.
A hotspot in Jerusalem, al-Aqsa Mosque has seen deadly battles between Muslims and Jews, who refer to it as the Temple Mount.
Residents of Elad have been instructed to remain inside by the city’s administration.
Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews make up the vast majority of the city’s residents.

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