Two people is killed when a Nio electric car fell from its Shanghai office.

The accident claimed the lives of two people: one from the firm where they worked and the other from a third party.

This happened on Wednesday at 17:20 local time, according to the company.

When the car dropped from the building, it hit the individuals inside.

Immediately after the occurrence, Nio claims it began working with government authorities to investigate it.

The third-floor showroom is where the car crashed.

A testing facility, or even a parking lot by different people.

“To begin the investigation and analysis of the reason for the accident, our organization has worked with the department of public safety to cooperate.

Based on our first investigation of the incident.

Investigation of the electric vehicle

We can also say that this was an accident that was not caused by the vehicle “a statement from the business said.

“We’re saddened by the death of our colleague and companion.

The families have been helped by a team of specialists “added to it.
After receiving over 1,000 responses in less than 30 minutes, Nio’s original message on Weibo was taken down.

Social media users were outraged by the statement’s last phrase, “not linked to the car itself.”

As one person said in a comment: “Capitalism’s “cold-blooded” nature can be seen in this statement, while another added, “the final phrase is so uncaring.

Are you saying also that the accident was not caused by the vehicle, even though they were there to test it? “As a matter of fact.

It’s time to call the public security department to see whether it’s an accident or something more sinister.

Later, “not caused by the automobile” was added in brackets.

Which seems to de-emphasize that aspect of a statement that still describes the collision as an accident.

The new post’s comments are now all marked “RIP.”

Electric car manufacturer Nio is at the vanguard of China’s domestic effort to dominate the market. Interchangeable batteries have been a major bet for the company as a method to alleviate consumer worries about charging requirements.

Rival to multi-billionaire Elon Musk’s US-based electric vehicle firm Tesla, which has a significant production factory in Shanghai.

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